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Remote Region Trek

Trekking in Nepal is the dream for many trekkers as Nepal offers a wide range of options with regards to spending their holiday. Some wish to visit the popular trekking destinations whereas some are interested in exploring those destination which are least populated by the visitors. There are many off beaten trekking trails in Nepal which are least explored or are yet to be discovered. Government of Nepal has listed the sensitive areas as the restricted region that requires special permits and more formalities. The main objective of declaring these areas as the restricted ones is to safeguard the fragile environment and cultural integrity from outside influences. The other region is to provide security to trekkers. The areas are restricted even or some local political regions. Such restricted areas have yet remained unspoiled or untamed.

Trekkers can definitely go to such regions following proper rules and regulations as well as acquiring a special area permit. Government will assign a liaison officer along with the trekkers to ensure safety and security of the trekkers. The remote and restricted destination of Nepal includes Upper Dolpo, Tsum Valley, Kanchenjunga, Makalu etc. These remote corners hide some of most remarkable gems in the entire Himalaya including amazing lifestyle, ethnic culture, and scenic landscape. This treks are certainly pricier than the main teahouse treks and demand a different style of trekking, but the extra effort and expense is really worthy. The trekking areas are comparatively difficult to trek than the most popular ones due to inaccessibility and poor development. The services might be basic but the hospitable nature of the locals and the and the beauty of the place will make up to it.